About Me

5+ years of professional experience in software development and architecture, project management and team leadership. Customers and colleagues have praised my versatile skill set which spans every aspect of the software development life cycle. One of my core strengths is the combination of a deep technological background and the professional and social abilities to communicate complicated issues in a concise and comprehensive manner. Therefore I am a powerful asset in bridging the divide between customer / project requirements and technical / organisational constraints.
I've successfully led IT projects with 10+ members in heterogeneous setups (e.g. offshore, freelance). I've applied and worked with various software development methodologies, especially Scrum and Kanban.
I have an expert background in OO-languages like Java, C++ or Objective-C. Recently, I've also discovered a passion for various functional languages, especially Scala and Swift.
Passion for simple, yet powerful solutions.

Contact Details

Martin Riedel
Gaillardstr. 37
DE-13187, Berlin

+49 (30) 91465441